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January 30th, 2020

Chili is also called chili pepper. There are thousands of different types when it comes to chili and pepper, and also a huge difference. A lot of people grow chili peppers of various types in their garden or inside their home. Get smart on the differences here!

Columbus and the new world is a huge part of the confusion between chilies and peppers, but here is the biological explanation.

What Is the Difference Between Pepper and Chili? The biggest difference between pepper and chili is if you are searching for black pepper or chili pepper. Black pepper comes from The Piperaceae (Plants). The best known is Piper Nigrum. Chili pepper is the fruit of plants from the Genus Capsicum.

This was a very quick explanation of the difference between pepper and chili. The most normal thing to grow in your own garden is chili pepper. I have a lot of experience with that, but you can grow both types in your garden if you are living in the right climate.

I have a lot more to say about chili pepper and black pepper. Continue reading if you want to see more fun facts and differences.

What Is Chili Pepper and Black Pepper? See All Kinds of Differences

Both chili pepper and black pepper has a really old history. You can trace it thousands of years back in history books. Black pepper was used a lot in the Roman and Eqypt empire times, and chili pepper originated from Mexico and has deep roots in the Aztec and Mayan culture.

Christopher Colombus and the “new discovery” of America, was a part of the confusion between black pepper and chili because it reminded him of “regular pepper” and thus he called it pepper. He was a big part of helping the popularity of chili to spread across the world, but it mainly used to be grown in tropical areas of the world

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My love for chili and pepper

I have an enormous love for both chili and pepper, and this is where I will start my DIY blog. I always dry my chili plants, so I have chili in my kitchen all year around. I will not explain all types today, because that would simply take to long!

There are thousands of different types and species of chili and pepper. I simply love strong food, and I will tell you a little bit about the strongest chilies in the world, and also my experience in eating a ghost pepper and a habanero.

What Is the Hottest Chili Pepper in the World?

This list is changed sometimes due to the chili pepper plants’ capability to mutate itself. This makes it possible to make and mix different sorts of chili together and creating new sorts.

Be aware

I have tried eating some of the strongest chilies in the world, and they are pungent! I do not recommend anybody trying this, but I ate a Ghost pepper and a Habanero raw. It burns….

This was not a good experience, but I am always up for a good challenge. Especially when it comes to chili.

There are different types and scales to rate chili peppers spiciness, but here is one of the best known, The Scoville Scale. I wrote about this in my first blog post, but I would like to use the list again.

Note: The ratings displayed is the MAXIMUM score a pepper of that type can have, some peppers of similar names have lower scores.

Chili PepperScoville Rating
Bull Nose Large pepper0
Brazilian Starfish30,000.00
Devil's Tongue325,000.00
Scotch Bonnet325,000.00
Ghost Pepper1,040,000.00
Police Pepper Spray5,300,000.00

What Does a Chili Pepper Look Like?

There is no conclusively answer to this question, but you can simply look at some of the photos. A chili pepper comes in all kinds of shades, but the most famous color for a chili pepper is red. You can also get chili pepper in green, orange, yellow and a mix from all these colors….

Chili pepper is a fruit from the genus Capsicum and it does not have to be hot. It can also be sweet and mild.

A rule of thumb is, that a red chili is hotter than a green chili because they have more capsaicin, but that rule only works if it is the same type of pepper. Otherwise, a green, yellow or orange can easily be hotter than red.

The most popular chili pepper is Jalapeño pepper 

It is easy to diversify black pepper from chili pepper?

Yes, it is a bit confusing with the name, but on the picture above you see a chili pepper, and on the picture this picture you can see “black pepper”.

Black pepper is small cherry-shaped fruits from the Piper Plant.

There are so many differences between chili peppers, black peppers and just chilies and peppers in general. I can not fit it all in just one post, so stay tuned for many more updates and DIY, where I will focus on my love for chilies, to begin with.

If you are not growing chilies in your garden, I can only recommend it! What are you waiting for?

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