Do Pepper Plants Grow Back Every Year? How To Care For Your Plants!

February 14th, 2020

When caring for your garden and planting new vegetables, fruits or any type of plant, it can be a nice reassurance to know whether or not your plants will grow back year after year, or what you can do to make sure they do.

Do Pepper Plants Grow Back Every Year? With the right conditions and care, pepper plants or chili plants can grow back year after year. Living in an area with sub zero temperatures requires you move your pepper plants inside during the winter, to make sure they dont die. Care for them well enough, and they can easily grow new fruits next spring season and onward.

If you’re concerned about your pepper plants growing back, especially after a harsh winter, then this blog post will tell you how you can achieve this, and how you can overall protect your plants against harsh conditions.

How do you make sure your pepper plants grow back every year?

There are a few things you can do to both make sure your peppers last over the winter, and even some tricks to how you can possibly revive a pepper plant that seems dead, but really may just be dormant.

Prepare your pepper plants for the winter

When preparing your peppers for the winter months, it is definitely easiest to work with peppers growing in pots rather than pepper plants you’ve planted in the ground.

The reasoning for this is due to the way roots sprout in the ground compared to in a pot. In a pot you know for sure that all the roots are within the pot, but when digging up a pepper plant from the ground you can quite easily chop parts of the roots off on accident.

That being said, even if you don’t get all the roots up from your plants in the ground, there’s still a good chance that they can sprout next season anyways.

Place all your pepper plants in manageable sizes in whatever pots you may have lying around before moving them indoors.

Move your pepper plants inside during the winter

You don't necessarily have to move your plants inside your house, but having an outhouse or another type of cover from the outside elements is a great way to make sure your pepper plants last over the winter, and will give you a nice head start in the new planting season.

The most important part is making sure your pepper plants never go below freezing temperatures, as this has a chance to outright kill the plants.

You really don’t have to throw out your pepper plants after you pick the fruit, they can easily last many seasons as long as you treat them right.

The right conditions for your overwintering pepper plants!

When keeping your pepper plants inside, it's very important to give them the right conditions to make sure they last and sprout properly until next outdoors planting season.

Keep your pepper plants in a windowsill if possible. This makes sure your plants get the necessary sunlight they need, but also that the temperature stays above freezing at all times.

When it comes to watering, you never want to overwater your plants, just make sure the soil is slightly moist, but not wet.

When rewatering, the soil should be almost completely dry to make sure you don't overwater your plants.

You should also wipe your plants often, since aphids are quite keen on attaching themselves to your pepper plants.

So make sure you keep a cloth by your pepper plants and wipe them off with a small amount of water, possibly from a spray bottle.

How to resurrect overwintered pepper plants

To make sure you can safely replant and see your pepper plants grow after the cold winter months are over, you first need to re-pot them.

Repot your plants with fresh compost mixed with a small amount of organic fertilizer to give them a nice boost and allow them to grow properly.

As soon as you see signs of growth, start watering the plants often.

It shouldn’t take long before your pepper plants grow new delicious pepper fruits, and you can repeat this whole process year after year!

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