Is It Bad To Have Plants In Your Bedroom At Night?

February 19th, 2020

If you’re a plant lover but in doubt when it comes to keeping plants in the bedroom, then you will find the answers in this blog post!

We’ll go over whether or not it's good to keep plants in the bedroom, and some pros and cons to keeping them in the bedroom.

Is It Bad to Have Plants in Your Bedroom at Night? Plants have almost no documented negative effects on you if you keep them in the bedroom. Plants are actually a great way to spice up the look of your bedroom, and can even help purify the air and give you a better sleeping quality, depending on the plant type. If you’re in doubt, there is plenty of research on what plants are suited for the bedroom.

Fear not, we have actually done some of the research for you, and in this article you can find some examples of why plants are good to have in the bedroom, and which types of plants are best suited for the bedroom!

Benefits of having plants in your bedroom!

Many homeowners enjoy having living plants indoors to spice up the rooms of the house or apartment.

Plants are a great way to make a room more colorful, and of course a great way to increase the air quality inside your home.

But what are some of the most relevant benefits of having plants in your bedroom? We’ll tell you right now:

  • Plants can help relieve stress. Plants themselves dont pulse out a magical aura that suddenly cleanses your stress levels, but rather the job of caring, watering and tending to your plants has shown great benefits to relieve stress. Many plant owners find something quite therapeutic when it comes to caring for something living, and being in contact with plants and making sure they’re healthy can be a great way to wind down after a stressful day.
  • Plants have properties suited for natural purification of the air. As you probably know, plants are the reason you and I are both breathing right now, and they have a natural ability to both produce and clean the oxygen we breathe. For that reason, if you want a more “clean” and less dry inside climate, having plants in the bedroom can be very beneficial if you want to increase the quality of air you breathe when you sleep. Plants can also capture or absorb unwanted toxins in the air, and instead turn them into clean air which is healthier for you to breathe. Overall plants have shown great traits when it comes to establishing a better sleeping environment,
  • Helps you make your bedroom feel more “alive” and colorful. Plants are not just beneficial for your stress and sleeping quality, but also for the overall look and feel of your bedroom. Plants are a great way to set a personal touch to your bedroom, and can really help shape the room in the exact way you want it. Plants are for some people a great way to make the bedroom more cozy and “homey”.

Are there any negative effects of having plants in the bedroom?

As you may know, plants undergo a constant phenomenon known as photosynthesis.

All plants produce oxygen when it's light, and in turn give off a small amount of carbon dioxide when it's dark.

For this reason some people are afraid that plants can cause health risks due to the carbon dioxide they give off.

But quite simply, smaller house plants give off such a small amount of CO2 that it simply has no effect on humans.

The only negative effects some people have experienced, is the fact that some plants can create quite a humid indoor environment, especially if they’re the larger types of houseplants.

If you want to make sure you avoid this humidity, you can read the next section of this blog post to figure out what plants are well suited for the bedroom, and indoor gardening overall.

5 Best plants to keep in the bedroom

You can really keep any type of houseplant in your bedroom, but due to the properties of most bedrooms, some plants are more suited than others if you want them to grow right, as well as create the proper indoor environment in your bedroom.

Here are some of the best suited plants to keep in the bedroom:

  • Sansevieria. Well suited for bedrooms due to its low need for light, also this type of plant turns CO2 into oxygen, even at night time.
  • Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is probably one of the most popular houseplants. It requires very little attention, and you can even use its healing effects if you wish.
  • Philodendron. One of the most iconic houseplants with the well known heart shaped leaves.
  • Areca Palm. If you want a nice tropical vibe to your bedroom, Areca palms are a great addition. This plant is also great for purifying the air in your bedroom.
  • Spider plant. Extremely easy to care for, and with great air purification properties, the spider plant is another perfect choice for your bedroom decoration.

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