How Can I Make My Chili Grow Faster? Here Is My Advice

July 22nd, 2020

Chili is actually very easy to grow at home and they grow really fast in general. If you want to grow them fast, I have a lot of great advice for you. I have a lot of chili plants at my home, and in today’s article, I will share some of my secrets.

Some sorts of chili plants grow faster than others. Jalapeño seeds grow generally faster than hot chili peppers. Are you not sure, what the difference is? You can read that in another article you can see on this page in suggested articles.

How can I make my chili grow faster? Chili plants grow from seeds to plants with fruits from 60 to 120 days. You make your chili grow faster if you start your seeds early and keep them warm to germinate. They need as much sun as possible, you can use urea and give them the right amount of water in the right conditions.

Chili plants like a great amount of water and then they need a good time without water, until your compost is almost completely dry.

It is not a science to make chili plants grow, and most people can have them both inside, outside, or in their greenhouse. Of course, it is depending on which climate they live in and stuff like that, but my point is, that you don’t need a lot of experience to start growing your own chili plants.

What often happens is that people only grow to one harvest of their plants, because they don’t take care of them. If you treat them right you can both make you chilis grow faster, but you can also make them grow back year after year.

Ekstra tip

Some of the best fertilizer for growing chili plants is tomato fertilizers.

Strong chili peppers

As I said earlier it takes longer time to grow really strong chili peppers. We have made a list of the strongest chili peppers, which can be helpful if you like or dislike strong chili peppers.

Chili Pepper

Scoville Rating

Bull Nose Large pepper










Brazilian Starfish






Devil's Tongue


Scotch Bonnet




Ghost Pepper


Police Pepper Spray




Note: The ratings displayed is the MAXIMUM score a pepper of that type can have, some peppers of similar names have lower scores.

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Well, this was a quick article about how to make your chili grows faster. There is no exact answer to this question, you just need to take good care of your chilis and treat them in the right conditions.

If you would like to know more about chilis, try to read some of our other articles:

Good luck with growing your chili plants and thank you for reading.

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